Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

It's time to party because it is Mom's birthday. Yippee! Put your party hats on and get ready to dance!

I cannot tell you how old Mom is, but she is old enough to drink but not old enough to retire. She is named after a Beatles song, so that may give you a little hint (wink, wink).

Mom was born on a Thursday in a Chicago hospital and is the youngest (and cutest) of four. Most of you already know a lot about Mom either through this blog or by knowing her personally, but I have some things to share with you that you may not know about her.

Mom had a lot of birthday parties that were cancelled because of blizzards. It's true and she is scarred for life. Her tenth birthday party was supposed to be at an indoor amusement park named Old Chicago, but there was a blizzard and everyone called to cancel. Mom was devastated to say the least. She really hasn't been the same since then.

Dad took Mom to Mexico for her birthday when they were first dating because of her tenth birthday fiasco. It was the best birthday ever until Dad took her to the Galapagos Islands a few years ago for her birthday. I don't know how he is ever going to top that.

Mom loves sea turtles, but did you know that she used to be crazy about penguins? Yup, it's true. She got hooked on them when she was about 13 years old and wanted to work with them so bad. Mom even passed out flyers in school educating people about the plight of penguins during the war in the Falklands. She was a conservationist in training way back then and didn't even realize it.

Mom loves disco music, but I bet none of you know that she considered a career in music. She has always loved to sing (and still sings to me everyday) and she wanted to sing in a rock band (think Heart). She auditioned for a rock band when she was in high school, but didn't get the gig. Mom still sings but mostly when no one is around.

I bet you're wondering what I got Mom for her birthday, but you will just have to keep wondering. I will keep you in suspense until at least tomorrow. We don't have any really big plans for Mom's birthday because she has to work this afternoon, so we will probably have a big celebration this weekend.

I am lucky to have such a great mom who loves me so much. Even if I didn't get her a real birthday present, she still has me. I am really the only gift she needs.


lady jicky said...

Morning Stubs and a huge "Happy Birthday" to your Mum who I think just might be called --- Michelle? That was a huge Beatles song! I can only imagine what its like to have party after party cancelled because of your weather. You'd still feel a little rejected ,especially as a kid and those shocking teenager years! Penguins - I have a funny penguin story for Mum - she might just find it if she "googles" - here in the Melbourne Aquarium , they have brought out 3 artic penguins (2 males one female) - real big deal cost alot and big school holiday promotion. The two guys are hanging around together but do not take the females advances and she is really miffed let me tell you. The papers are saying that we may have "gay penguins" LOL
OK Stubby, make sure you get your Mum a present and give her a big birthday kiss! No gay penguins though! Mind you - they would love your cold !

Stubby said...

Lady Jicky - You are one smart cookie! You guessed Mom's name right away - I guess my hint gave it away.
I loved the penguin story! Mom's zoo had 2 female pumas and then one day, one of them started to mount the other one. Everyone at the zoo called them gay, but it turned out that the one that was doing the mounting was really a boy!
I have been kissing Mom all day long and her present will arrive very soon.
Thanks so much for stopping by Lady Jicky and just remember, every time you stop by, I send kisses back to you.

lady jicky said...

Thanks Stubs - kiss, kiss.

Hey - what did you buy Mum for her birthday ??

Stubby said...

Lady Jicky - I am going to post Mom's birthday gift on Thursday, so check back then. xoxo