Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Introducing President Barack Obama!

Today is a brand new day for America and for the world. We were told that change is going to come and today it arrived. As the world watched our new president being sworned into office, we proudly embraced the change and welcomed the dawn of the beginning of this new presidency. Barack Obama is the new leader of the free world and I couldn't be happier. Well, I could be a little happier, but that's just me.

The one thing that would make me really happy is if the Obamas decided to get a pug to join them in the White House. I know that they are considering a Labradoodle or a Portugese Water dog, both good choices, but a pug would be perfect.

I am of course biased by the pug since I am a pug, but I know that a pug is the best choice to be the first dog. We are very low maintenance because we don't need to be groomed. A bath once in a while and a nail clipping, and we are good to go.

Pugs love everyone, so anyone that happens to visit the White House would be warmly greeted by the first pug. The first pug would love the White House not only because it is so spacious, but because of the, how should I say it, food choices. I personally know that pugs require a varied diet and the chefs of the White House are the best in the world. The first pug would not only have the best food available, but it would also be at his/her beck and call. Ah, what a life!

The front lawn is just the right size for the first pug to romp and play on. Melia and Sasha are the perfect size playmates for the first pug to play with and I'm sure they wouldn't mind the first pug in their beds. The first lady does such a great time taking care of the family that taking care of the first pug would be a piece of cake.

I myself am not available to be the first pug. As much as I would love to live in the White House where I would be waited on paw and foot, I just can't do it. Mom could never live without me. No way, never. Who would cuddle with her at night? Who would greet her when she comes home? Who would kiss her tears away when she is sad? Nope, there is just no way she could give me up, not even to Mr. President.

I am so proud of my fellow Chicagoan Barack Obama today. Today he showed the world that anything is possible. From such humble beginnings to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue - he is a remarkable man who has accomplished so much. Chicago is a great place and I hope he doesn't forget where he came from. Maybe he will come back here to get the first pug.

We had Obama, we have Oprah, and soon, hopefully we will have the Olympics. God bless you and God bless America!


Henry the Dog said...

What a wonderful day it was. Mum watched it happen here in France and she cried. I think a Pug would be a great first dog of the Whitehouse - for all the reasons you gave. Your only downside is that you shed, which would be a bummer on all Mr Obamas nice dark suits. Perhaps that's why they might be considering a Labradoodle! xxx

lady jicky said...

Oh Stubs - you wouldn't leave your Mum to be "first pug" would you?

Stubby said...

Henry - It was an unbelievable day that I will never forget. Can you imagine having a full time chef on call 24 hours a day? I would never have to order out again! I do shed, quite a bit I must admit, but maybe Mr. President has someone on his staff that could de-fur him.

Lady Jicky - I could never leave Mom, not even if Mr. President called me himself. I love kids and the first children look like they would be a lot of fun, but I will have to pass. I'm sure that you wouldn't give up little Kenzo either, unless of course you could go with him.