Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday Wag Out!

A Lot To Say

I am not really sure why Mom likes this t-shirt. I mean I like the message, but the big word 'virgin' is just too much for me. Mom says that the word is big so that it attracts attention, gets people to notice it. Oh, I get it now.

A Lot To Say has lots (pun intended) of great t-shirts, from edgy environmental to political scene. There is defintely something for everyone here. These t-shirts were also in the swag bags at this years Sundance Film Festival. Haven't you always wanted celebrity swag? Now you can own what the celebs own by visiting And if I see you on the street with the 'virgin' t-shirt, I now know that it refers to plastic.

Toilet Tank Bank

I am all about saving water, but this thing is too funny looking. "Deposit and save water & money"? Are they kidding? Absolutely not!
Everytime you flush your toilet, you are literally throwing money down the drain. It's not just about the money these days because water is becoming the hottest commodity on the planet.

Some older toilets use as much as 4 gallons per flush. What a waste! If you have one or more of these toilets, then the Toilet Tank Bank is for you. Simpy fill the tank bank, put it in the toilet tank and leave it. That's it. So simple a pug could do it.

So how does it work? Because it takes up the space of water, your toilet works just as it normally would, but it keeps your toilet tank full so it doesn't have to refill with new water. You are actually tricking your toilet tank into thinking it is full of water. You can save almost a full gallon with each flush.

Please do your part to save both both and water by purchasing the Toilet Tank Bank at

Bike Chain Bowl

Mom is a big fan of both bicycling and recycling, so this bowl is right up her alley. This is another item that would make a great gift for anyone who loves recycled products.

This bowl is the brainchild of the guys at Resource Revival. They collect tons of discarded bike parts every year from all over the U.S and craft them into lots of cool products. This is a great example of 'closing the loop' with recycling. You must purchase recycled products to fully realize the closed loop process.

Mom thinks this is one cool company. She loved this quote from their story page - "We envision a sustainable future where commerce flourishes in a world powered by renewable energy, and where consumers are conscious of the origin of the food they eat, the energy they consume, and the products they buy." Amen to that! Stop by and check out the bike chain bowl along with other great items at

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