Thursday, October 2, 2008

Birders' Exchange

Mom love birds and she wishes that more people would take the time to learn about them. She is always telling me that birds are the key to the whole world. The world would end if we didn't have birds. Mom does not want a real silent spring to ever happen.

The American Birding Association is not only spreading the word about birds but they are also providing equipment for people to use who are involved in birding. The Birders' Exchange is a program from the American Birding Association. Their motto is sharing tools, saving birds.

According to their website, to successfully address Neotropical migratory bird issues, good science and public awareness are essential. Many researchers. conservationists, and educators in the Neotropics do not have the very basic equipment they need to do their work. Through the Birders' Exchange, people can donate new and used birding equipment and educational tools to these people in need.

So, how can you help? By donating binoculars, digital cameras, spotting scopes, tripods, field guides, and/or backpacks. Don't have any of these items to donate? You can organize an equipment drive in your area. Traveling to Latin American or the Caribbean? You can serve as a courier for the equipment. There are so many ways for everyone to help.

Birds are the most wild animal that people see on a daily basis. Just walk out of your house and you will see many different species of birds. The birds need our help so they can continue to prosper. Please check out to learn more about the Birders' Exchange. The birds depend on us, so please don't let them down.

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