Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wednesday Wag Out!

Floating Jack-O'-Lanterns
How cool are these? These will look great hanging off trees in your front yard. Just carve two basketball-sized pumpkins, place the tealights inside, and hang on the hangers. The pumpkins will look like they are floating in the trees. The set of two kit comes with the hardware, hangers, and tealights. You supply the pumpkins and viola! You could even use these again in the spring or summer with flowerpots. This set of two costs less than $7.00, so get more than one at
Metal Cat Pumpkin Buddy
Even if you don't like cats (which I of course do) you will still love this little guy. This would look great on a foyer table, on a front porch, or even in the kitchen. Whether you carve the pumpkin or not, this pumpkin buddy is sure to turn the heads of cats everywhere. Get yours while they last at
Pumpkin Man
Mom always tells me that she could use another man around the house, but I'm sure she didn't have this guy in mind. Yet another great way to turn an ordinary pumpkin into a real head turner, this set includes the metal arms and legs. Add your own accessories to complete the look and then put him to work on your front porch greeting all the little gobblins on Halloween. Get your own pumpkin man or two at

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