Thursday, October 23, 2008

Visit Floe - Take Action

Mom found a really cool online environmental game last week. It is from a company called National Grid. National Grid is an international electricity and gas company and one of the largest investor-owned energy companies in the world. According to their website, they are committed to safeguarding our global environment for future generations and providing all our customers with the highest standards of service through investment in our networks and through our talented, diverse workforce. Enter Floe.

Floe refers to an ice floe and is a game about polar bears. Polar bears have been in the news lately because of their listing as an endangered species. More awareness about the polar bears plight is needed so that people can take actions to save them. By playing Floe, you learn more about the environment, the impact your actions have on the world, and about polar bear habitat.

Click on "Befriend a Bear" where you will name your polar bear (everytime mom plays this game she names the polar bear Carole). The object of the game is to increase your polar bear's health, happiness, and friendship. With the state of the world today, this is easier said than done which you will see once you start playing the game.

Once your polar bear is ready, you answer general environmental questions. Each time you get a question right, you get to do something for your polar bear - throw him a fish, play ball with him, tickle him with a feather, etc. There are lots of activities you can do to help your polar bear.

You can also see the effect your environmental impact has on the polar bears home. Click on "Discover The Power of Action" and after answering three questions about your lifestyle, the polar ice begins to shift, fall over, and melt. This is what is happening right now, as you read this, in the Arctic. Changes must be made to protect the polar bears habitat, which in turn affects your habitat.
After the ice melts, you are asked to take action. Simply drag and drop the icons for the actions (pledges) you want to take to lower your impact on the world. Your carbon savings are calculated for you so that you can fully understand how the changes you make will affect the world.

The "Community" link shows you popular pledges, reasons for taking actions, and even your state or country's savings. Register on the site and you can post your own information.

Now it's your turn to visit Floe at http://www.nationalgridfloe/. Check out the polar bears, expand your environmental knowledge, and of course, spread the word. Education is the key to our future. The polar bears are depending on you - please don't let them down.

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