Friday, October 31, 2008


Mom always makes me dress up for Halloween so that I can help pass out candy to all the trick-or-treaters. My good buddy T-Bone gave me this Frankenstein costume a few years ago (he has the same one) and I have worn it every year ever since.

The kids love me when they come to the door. All the kids stop to pet me, which I love, so I really don't mind answering the door. Some kids go a little crazy when they see me. One little girl was dressed like Piglet and she wouldn't leave me alone. She was very little and when her sister tried to walk her back down the stoop, she decided that she would turn around and try to crawl into the house. This kid loved me, but I cannot have Piglet cruising around the house. Oh how my fan club grows every year.

One little boy, who was dressed like a policeman, told me that I smelled. Smelled, me? I think not. I mean I smell like a dog, but that is a very pleasant smell. He even asked mom if she wanted him to put me in the sink! What? The little boy's dad was down on the sidewalk and said that they put their dog in the sink when it smells. Thankfully, mom told the little boy that no, she did not want him to put me in the sink. I told her not to give this boy any candy, but mom is a sucker for men in uniforms.

A little girl dressed as a bear showed up in a stroller. Her mom took her out of the stroller to pet me and she tried to crawl into the house. What is with these kids? The little girl was eating a lollipop at the time and she tried to give it to me. Mom jumped in and saved me from all that sugar.

I am glad that Halloween is only once a year. These kids are tiring with all their little kid energy. Whew! I will need all weekend to recover from all this activity.

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