Monday, October 6, 2008

Carole's New Tattoo

Mom's sea turtle buddy Carole got a tattoo today. Now I don't know Carole personally (though I feel like I do because mom tells me all about her), but she doesn't look like the tattoo type.

Mom met Carole on Wassaw Island in 2006 and they have been buddies ever since. Carole got hooked on sea turtles after working with a sea turtle at the aquarium near her house where she volunteered. The sea turtle's name was Lefty and Carole wears a sea turtle hat with Lefty's name on it when she is on Wassaw. Carole even has an iconel tag on her hat that Mike the biologist gave her.

Carole got the tattoo idea when mom mentioned that Kris, the director of the Caretta Research Project, wanted hatchling tracks tattooed across her foot. Carole thought mom meant hatchlings across her foot and has been obsessed with the idea ever since. Darnice, another sea turtler, has hatchlings tattooed on her foot and Carole got a picture of Darnice's foot and viola, now Carole has her tattoo. As far as mom knows, Kris is still tattoo-less.

I like Carole's tattoo. I have never personally seen a hatchling, but after looking at Carole's tattoo, I would like to meet one. If I ever get to Wassaw Island, I hope I can see some hatchlings. I wonder if they like cute little dogs.

All this talk has mom thinking about getting a sea turtle tattoo. Dad tells me that mom has been talking about getting a tattoo for over 20 years. Mom just cannot make a decision. Maybe she will get a picture of me tattooed on her body.

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