Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Footprint Chronicles

Our friends at Patagonia are at it again. This eco-friendly company knows that you are interested in knowing where their products come from and the ecological impact the creation of these products have on the planet. The Footprint Chronicles discloses the eco-impacts (both good and bad) of many of Patagonia's products.

Mom logged on to and selected the Freightliner, a rolling duffel bag, to check its footprint. A map is shown, displaying the travel path the raw and then completed product takes. By moving your mouse over each location, you learn about each step in the design, construction, and distribution process. Mouse over the symbols below the locations to learn the distance traveled, CO2 emissions, waste generated, and energy consumption totals for your product.

At the bottom of the page, Patagonia tells you the good and bad. For the Freightliner, there is more good than bad. The bad is that it is heavy and its components are not recyclable. There is also a what we think section, where Patagonia gives you their opinion of the product. Even though they are selling the product and you would think that they would only provide a positive opinion, they truly can say great things about their products because they use recycled products, use organic cotton, have a LEED certified distribution center, etc. There are so many things they do right that they are THE role model for businesses everywhere. They are committed to the future of our planet. Shouldn't you be too?

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