Friday, December 12, 2008

Do Not Buy This For Mom!

Mom loves books, but this is one book that she does not need. Mom doesn't even knit, but if she sees this book she may start.

The pug on the cover of the book is very cute, but let's be serious now. Pugs don't wear sweaters. Ever! Mom once bought me a jacket, put it on me, and I looked like a sausage. I don't need to wear clothes because I am a dog. When it gets cold outside, I run out, do my business, and I am back inside before I freeze to death. Plus, I have lots of natural insulation to keep me warm (one more reason to give up on the diet).

Please do not buy Mom this book for Christmas if you know what's good for you. If you feel that you must buy something for her, consider a donation to a sea turtle organization in her name. And if that doesn't work for you, consider buying her a Petsmart giftcard. Oh wait, that's what I want.


Henry the Dog said...

Oh lots and lots of laughs. I am really giggling. I love that bit about you looking like a sausage. It's good that you can laugh at yourself, Stubby. I do wish folk weren't so serious all the time. Don't worry. I promise I WON'T buy her the book, but I do think that jumper looks kinda cool. MUCH better than that stupid baby-gro mum made me wear at night until my fur started coming back:)

Stubby said...

Henry, I am really lucky that I can and do laugh at myself all the time. I am hardly ever serious because hey, what do I have to be serious about?