Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wednesday Wag Out!

Eco-Friendly Water-Powered Clock
When Mom saw this she told me that she had to have it. This is one of the coolest clocks ever because it is powered by water. No more buying batteries! The clock is actually powered by the same salt and water mixture that cover over 70% of the planet. The electrodes harvest energy from the water and viola! Just keep the tank filled with water and you will be right on time. Depending on the tap water you use, you may have to add a small amount of table salt and the manufacture recommends squeezing some lemon juice in the water tank to make it run more efficiently. Of course the water needs to be changed once in a while and added as it evaporates, but that is part of the fun of having the clock. These are sure to be under many Christmas trees this year, so get yours while you can at

Water Heater Tank Wrap
This is another one of the those items that you wonder how you've lived without, even though you don't realize that you need. If your water heater's insulation R-value is below an R-24 or it's slightly warm to the touch, then you need to buy this right away. Without it, you are throwing good money out the window and wasting valuable resources.
The Water Heater Tank Wrap is rated R-11 and by adding to your water heater insulation, you can reduce standby heat losses by 25%-45%, which will save you between 4%-9% in water heating costs. Wow! Designed for both gas and electric heaters, it also meets and exceeds U.S. Department of Energy Standards. Buy one of these today at home improvements stores or online at

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