Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Day!

There was a winter storm warning last night and everyone was told to stay off the roads in anticipation of 12 inches of snow - yikes! The snow had not started by the time I went to bed last night, but when I woke up this morning, I couldn't believe my eyes.

I used to love the snow when I was a baby. I would run out and roll around in the snow making snow angels. I would push the snow with my nose to make snowballs and then let the snow cover my body like a snowman.

Things really changed as I got older. Maybe it was Mom's influence, I just don't know. Mom likes the way the snow looks, but she says that it really messes up traffic. Since I don't drive (not because I don't want to), traffic is not a problem for me. My only real problem with the snow is that I get lost in it and it is not that much fun anymore.

Dad had to shovel a little path for me in the backyard this morning. Despite the path, Mom had to force me out into the snow - it was a little too cold and windy for me - yuk. Don't I look miserable?

Thankfully, Mom did not take a picture of me doing my business (thank you!), but she had to get a picture of my backside as I ran for the door when I was done. I was only out in the yard a minute, but you can see how much snow accummulated in that short amount of time. The snow is no longer my friend.

Mom took this picture out the living room window. It looks like a bad picture, but that is just snowflakes that are stuck to the window. The snow is not a friend to the window, either. As you can see, no one is out, not even the birds. I don't know where they are because we filled the birdfeeders yesterday in anticipation of the storm. Mom was very worried that the little birdies would starve in the storm - yeah right. I should have asked Dad to go to Popeye's last night so that I wouldn't starve today.

The best part about today is that Mom did not go the zoo like she usually does on Fridays. She decided to spend the snow day with me. While I am sleeping all curled up in a nice warm blanket at Mom's feet, Mom will be reading and playing around on the computer. She will also be watching the snow continue to fall, because the storm is not over yet. Ah, what a perfect way to spend a snow day!

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