Monday, December 8, 2008

I'm Finally Back!

No I wasn't on vacation in Hawaii, but Mom and Dad were. They took my grandpa with them to Maui and of course I could not go with. I never get to go anywhere. I always get left behind and this time was no different. Wait - it was a little different because while they were sunning themselves on the beach, I was hanging out with "the party girls" down the block.

Truffles and Beamish are standard poodles that look the poodle in the picture above. They are called "the party girls" because they live in a corner house and they are always in their backyard having a good time. Everyone who walks by their house stops to say hi and the girls love everyone. I like these girls too, but I was not asked if I preferred spending my "vacation" at their house or at a different location.

I must admit that I had a good time with the girls. The only real problem I had was sleeping. I sleep in the bed with Mom and/or Dad. The girls sleep in the bed with their parents, so there wasn't enough room for me (even though I am looking quite svelte - thanks Henry!). I can't sleep in my daytime bed at night (duh!), so I was forced to sleep on the floor next to Dorothy, the girls' mom. I asked Dorothy to take me down to my other mom Sandy's house so that I could sleep in her bed, but Dorothy just turned a deaf ear. I did not want to cause any trouble, so I just curled up on the floor and snored as loud as I could.

Though I did not like sleeping on the floor, I made up for it by following Dorothy all around the house. I was constantly under her feet, especially when she was cooking. She gave me my medicine every morning, but I tricked her into thinking I didn't want my medicine in peanut butter, so she gave it to me wrapped in sliced turkey - yummy!

Tom is the girls' dad and he pet me almost non-stop. He would sit down on the floor and pet me, but then Truffles would get jealous, come over, and Tom would pet us both. Sharing time with Tom was a small price to pay for a great pug massage.

All in all, I had a good time on vacation, but I was ready to go home when Mom picked me up on Sunday. I was so excited to see Mom that I was shaking. Oh, it was only 4 degrees outside, so that may have had something to do with it. Mom was upset that she left warm Hawaii to come back to such freezing temperatures.

I missed Mom and Dad while they were gone. Maybe one day they will take me with them on vacation and hopefully it will be to someplace warm.

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Henry the Dog said...

You are so lucky being able to sleep with your mum and dad. My mum has never let me sleep with her. She says I snore. Well, I know that she does too because she sometimes falls asleep when she's on the sofa. I sleep in one of my beds under the table in the kitchen. It makes me feel safe. I can't complain really because I have a bed in every room:)