Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Walking The Wrack Line

Mom read this book while she was in Hawaii a few weeks ago. She was supposed to read this book, along with Carole, while they were on Wassaw Island this summer, but Mom did not order hers in time.

The book is a series of essays that the author, Barbara Hurd, writes while walking various shorelines around the world. She is looking for meaning in all the flotsam and jetsam that she finds. Mom does the same thing on Wassaw, but she has never written a book about it. Hey, what a great idea! Mom could write a book, make lots of money, and then I could get all the Popeye's I want - yahoo!

Barbara also talks a lot about her mother. So many things that she finds remind her of her mother who is now dead. It's interesting what people think about as they walk along shorelines. I have only been to a shoreline once and it was not a very good experience. I was there for a "doggie dip". Sounds dumb, huh? It is a once a year chance for all the dogs in our community to swim in our lake. I do not like water, but Mom and Dad took me there anyway. I dipped my paws in the water and ran back to shore where a really nice lady was feeding all the dogs carrots. I just stood by this lady for the rest of the afternoon mooching carrots off her.

Mom tells me that looking out into the endless abyss that is the ocean makes you realize that you are part of something much larger than yourself, that you connect with nature in a way that is almost spiritual. Huh? Maybe I was so upset about getting wet that I just didn't get all that or maybe because I was looking out into the lake it just wasn't the same. Whatever the case, maybe one day I can go to the ocean and see if I can connect like I am supposed to.

Mom really liked this book and recommends it. Since I don't read anything real deep, I will pass. I like to keep my reading light and short - like me!

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