Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What Mom Really Wants For Christmas

Bird crazy Mom wants a solar powered bird bath heater. You would think that this would be easy to find but it isn't. Why can't mom just get a plug in heater? Nope, Mom doesn't want to use electricity if she doesn't have to. I kind of understand this because Mom is always telling me that we need to harness the power of the sun. Huh? I know that when I am outside and sitting in the sun, the heat of the sun makes me hot. I think this is what Mom is talking about, but you never know with her.

Birds need water year-round and it gets really cold here (yuk!) in the winter, thus freezing the water in the bird bath. Mom has told me many times that she likes watching the birds drink or bathe in the bird bath more than watching them feed. We even had a dark-eyed junco bathing in one of the small bird baths the other day when the temperature was in the forties.

The bird bath pictured above is the exact bird bath heater that Mom wants. It is called the Solar Sipper and it is insulated with a black plastic cover that absorbs and holds the sun's heat. This is exactly what Mom is always talking about - harnessing the power of the sun! The collected solar heat keeps 32 oz. of water from freezing throughout the day until the temperature drops to 20 degrees. Hmm, the birds will probably have access to fresh water about half the winter.

Today, a sparrow landed on the birdbath, but guess what? The water in the bird bath was frozen solid. Poor little sparrow. I'm sure he was screaming on the inside "Would you get the bird bath heater already!" Maybe Santa will bring one this year. If not, then I will buy one for Mom. I love the birds almost as much as Mom and I know how lucky I am to live inside where fresh water abounds.

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Henry the Dog said...

What a great idea! My mum is bird mad too. She spends lots of money on sunflower seeds and fat balls (which I sometimes eat when she's not looking). It's quite cold here in the mornings at the moment and their water always freezes over.