Saturday, December 20, 2008

Time To Go Visiting

Mom hardly ever takes me out, but today was a special occasion. I had to deliver a birthday present to a friend and I had to deliver it in person.

My good buddy Fred had a birthday on Tuesday. I was going to stop by his house with his gift on his birthday, but there was a snow storm and Fred got home from work very late. The week just got away from me, so finally today Fred was available and Mom and Dad took me over to his house.

This is Fred. He is a very young 64 years old. He looks good for his age, don't you think? There are some things you should know about Fred. He was in the Vietnam War -yikes. That sounds scary to me, but Fred handled it like a trooper. Fred was also in the Peace Corps in Southeast Asia. He did more in his life before he was 30 than most people do in their entire lives.

Fred is also an animal lover, despite the fact that he still eats animals (much to Mom's dismay). Fred is involved with an animal shelter in our county called Save A Pet. He volunteers there and every year (usually in the spring) he fosters an abandoned mother cat and her kittens. Fred is dedicated to caring for the kitties and he takes great care of them. I don't ever get to visit the kitties because they are young and trying to get strong after having a rough start in life. Mom tells me all about them and Fred sends pictures, so it feels like I know the kitties.

When I was trying to decide what to get Fred for his birthday, Mom suggested a book. I told her that Fred did not read books, but she thinks that she can turn everyone into a book lover, so she talked me into buying this book for Fred.

The book looks interesting, but I wonder it they have a version about dogs. I mean you always hear about dog miracles, like dogs warning their owner about a fire, seeing eye dogs, dogs that know when patients are going to have seizures, etc., but maybe no one has ever written a book about it.

Mom told me that this book would for Fred because maybe it would inspire him to write about his cat fostering. The kitties are miracles in and of themselves, but the joy they bring to Fred and to the people who eventually adopt them is also a miracle. I don't know if Fred is going to write a book or even a short story, but I hope he reads this book. I know he will enjoy it and I hope he thinks of me when he reads it. Happy birthday Fred!

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